We Specialize in Plastic Extrusion




Our business is about relationships, because we believe…together it works. Customers come to us and stay with us, not simply because we are specialists in Custom Plastic Extrusion. It isn’t just because of our ability to extrude in a wide variety of materials in a full array of colours. Our innovative approach draws clients to us, but why they stay is simple: 


“We take the time to understand what they need and value“. We believe in a working partnership where Accord shares our clients’ vision and our goal is to help them achieve theirs’. 


With over 30 years extrusion experience… Accord is one of the leading suppliers of plastic profile extrusions to various industries in North America. We are designers and innovators and would be pleased to put our team to work for you. 


Our vision at Accord is to deliver a truly outstanding experience to our Customers. 

Delivering expected quality, superior service and competitive pricing is not the final destination but rather where the journey begins. This journey includes a solid process and system which is designed to respond and adapt to an ever-changing environment. 

It’ about trust between stakeholders and a commitment to excellence. 

As a manufacturer of custom plastics extrusions, Accord Plastics Corporation’s principal goal is to be the leader in customer satisfaction. We maintain this leadership by providing the most reliable service, exceptional quality and overall value. 

Through highly motivated and trained staff, we create an environment that accomplishes goals and provides innovative solutions while remaining highly efficient and non-restrictive. 

True partnership works. 

Robert Ciancio 

President / CEO 

Accord Plastics Corp



At Accord Plastics Corp. we have always been proud of our commitment to excellence and our commitment to you, our customer. Our philosophy is based on providing customers with the best in design, quality, service and value.


Price is important, but more important is value. At Accord, our culture for continuous improvement means we are always looking for new ways to stay competitive without compromising quality. After all, “value for your money” is the bottom line.


With an integrated ERP system, all information required to provide the best in quality is available to our production staff making our quality system effective for you, our client.


Whether we are suggesting new product designs, materials, finishes, or responding to your own detailed requirements, we offer innovative ideas to meet your requirements.


We are large enough to meet the most challenging design and production problems, without losing our agility and ability to focus on your needs … including rush delivery when required.