Appliance & Refrigeration

We are a true custom extrusion company. Our skilled engineers can offer invaluable assistance by working with you to help design a profile best suited to work with individual units. Punching, notching and cut-to-length programs are as available to provide ready-to-use products.

Automotive Accessories

All OEM and Aftermarket programs are welcome.  

Custom profiles based on your design requirements are also available to help achieve your unique look. A large selection of anti-slip tread for running boards are readily available with steel-rule-die cutting programs to provide our customers with ready to use product.

Boats & Marine

For a unique look.  

We offer custom profiles designed to meet all customer needs and requirements. Our ability to process a multitude of materials allows us the flexibility to provide you with a solution to meet most requirements.  

Colours and clear materials are also an option.  

Garage Doors

A variety of weather-stripping profiles are available, 

But for a unique look, we offer custom profiles based on your designs, to meet your needs. 

Put our expertise to work for you. 

Office Furniture

Whenever possible, we work with your engineers and designers to create profiles that are compatible with your systems. 

Value, flexibility and on-time delivery make Accord Plastics the leader in office furniture profiles.  

Programs are also available for secondary operations to create ready-to-use profiles. We currently ship product all over North America.  

Picture Frames

Picture frames and fillets are available in many different finishes. 

For large projects, custom colours and print matches can be done. Mylar’s and transfers are used to match wood finishes like: 

“Natural Oak”, or “Wild Cherry Wood” 

Notching is also an option.

Swimming Pools

Accord manufactures several profiles for the in-ground pool industry. 

We extrude several profiles for Coping, Vinyl liners and Covers 

Our in-house tooling facility technology allows us the capability to expand in this market to progressively larger profiles.  

Take the plunge and send us your designs.

Windows & Doors

We are specialists in shorter runs. We offer various colours and a multitude of accessories to adapt to your current windows and door systems.  

Also available, is the option to create a window and door system that is uniquely your own. We can help you achieve what you are looking for at a competitive price. 

Our goal is to be your partner; providing you with superior quality, window and door profiles om a timely and cost-effective manner.  

POP & Display

A large selection of profiles is available to suit your display requirements.  

Whether your needs are in a specific colour or clear material, we have the ability to provide most specifications.  

Let us know your requirements as custom profiles are also a possibility 

Recreational Vehicle

With a warehouse in the RV capital of the world (Elkhart, Indiana), we are able to supply a mutitude of decorative t-molding and trim in a variety of finishes, such as;  

Laminates, Mylars and Heat transfers 

We also offer Custom Profiles to meet all clients’ needs and requirements. 

Residential Furniture

A variety of T-Moldings are available for table edges and cabinetry in several finishes.  

Solid colour, wood grain vinyl, heat transfer or Mylar, we have the technology to do them all. We are one of the few extruders that are capable of providing these options.  

Custom profiles are also a possibility.  

Wall Systems

Wall systems have been increasingly innovative and popular for many interior applications. Accord provides many profiles that can work with glass or aluminum as part of that product. Likewise, our engineering team can work with your designers to develop new profiles unique to your system. 

Give us a call.  


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